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It is quite a challenge to sum up in a few lines more than 30 years of passionate, exciting commitment to the artists we love. We are producers of shows, tours, we manage and support our artists in their projects, their image, their career.

We could tell you that we have produced more than 5,000 concerts, toured the planet several times, that we have actively collaborated for years with legendary artists such as John McLaughlin and the legendary group Shakti, Zakir Hussain, Monty Alexander, Brian Blade, Dhafer Youssef, Jimmy Scott, or proudly accompanying our French talents like Patricia Petibon, Didier Lockwood, Michel Portal, Stephane Belmondo, Yaron Herman and many others, actively participated in more than 50 recording projects in the studio. We could tell you about our daily life for more than 25 years with Jacky Terrasson, Rhoda Scott and her Ladies, our passion for pianists (Rolando Luna, Federico Albanese, Julian Pollack, Dimitri Naïditch), World Music projects (Viktor Lazlo, Etienne Mbappé, Louis Winsberg Jaleo, Deep Forest).

But the most important thing in our eyes, what makes our DNA, is our enthusiasm to serve and defend our artists, to live adventures as exhilarating as they are demanding, and each season, to imagine and carry out concerts, tours, original projects, unexpected encounters. At Backstage Productions, we believe every event is unique, and we work with passion and dedication to create exceptional experiences for our artists, promoters and audiences.

Today the world of music has profoundly evolved, the transition to digital, big data, social networks, the Covid pandemic, the necessary ecological transition have profoundly and lastingly changed our habits. The way to create music, to listen to it, to share it, to diffuse it, to promote it, to finance it, to play it live, not to mention the profound changes in musical styles reflect our period, more complex, more intense, undergoing profound change.

We like the challenges of today, those of tomorrow, we are curious, attentive, much more than "bookers" or "agents", two expressions in which we do not find the reality of our permanent work. We claim loud and clear our independence, the artisanal and family dimension of our approach, proof that human and artistic values ​​are at the heart of our concerns.

We represent artists, life paths, unique, original, creative experiences that reflect our humanity. This “behind the scenes” work, where we are sometimes called “Women and Men in the Shadows” exists to highlight, in the most beautiful light possible, the talent of our artists.

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Isabelle Dubrulle

It is in the motorsport’s competition that Isabelle acquired all her organizational, logistics and contract management skills. In charge of Administration and Social at Backstage Productions, all the subtleties of the workings of our professions no longer have any secrets for her: Spaiectacle, Bob Booking, Excel are her daily tools. Mother of three grown children, her vision and wise advice are invaluable for our artists and our partners.

She is with her son Charles, at the head of a family breeding of the most titled and recognized Kaninchen dachshunds in the whole world, adorable little doggies who brighten up our offices and make the buzz on social networks. She is also a gallinophile, in between two professional conversations, she proudly brings you blue or green eggs… from her favorite hens.
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Christophe Deghelt

Some of you will remember this famous French song “Il y a le Ciel, le Soleil et la Mer”, by François Deghelt; Christopher's uncle. After a solid training in the first European university of Communication, RSCG Campus, Christophe runs for 10 years a concert piano rental service, the family business, where he will accompany in concert exceptional pianists like Katia and Marielle Labèque, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock. It was for his childhood friend, the pianist Jacky Terrasson that he became a manager and artist agent. At Backstage Productions, Christophe is responsible for booking, communication and good humor.

When he's not behind his computer, on the phone, or on tour with his artists, Christophe enjoys cooking for his friends and family, playing the piano and tweaking sounds with his synths. He also enjoys long solitary walks in the forest or at the edge of the ocean to find silence and inspiration.

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